Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to your questions, if you need more information or clarification, please feel free to contact us by phone at 801-381-3352 or Email.

What is the MLS?
The MLS – Multiple Listing Service – is a broker owned fee based service to licensed members to input listings for sellers and search listings for buyers. The MLS is the primary tool agents use to find a property when they have a buyer; it is used by all agents. The buyer's office commission amount offered is required by the MLS along with the detailed information about the home including pictures. Your advantage is the increased exposure to buyer. By listing your property on the MLS you will gain this increased exposure which is accessible to everyone who is in the market to buy a home.

How are you able to provide the same services for less cost?
A simple statement of economics. We are not a franchise and don’t have to pay high franchise fees or big commission splits. We also don’t have the burden of the carrying-charge of a high-priced commercial office building. This enormous burden of overhead must be paid for by the commissions that firms collect on their transactions. Not to mention all of the other costs associated with furnishing and staffing such a commercial presence. We provide the value our clients need and expect without the "no value added" cost. Instead of paying high costs that don’t do anything for our clients we invest in technology that helps us get our listings sold faster and for more money.

What makes you better than the "Discount Firms" I see advertised?
We are not a “Discount Firm” We’re a Full-Service real estate company. Our team works on a reduced commission program and offers a full service listing. We provide the complete package...we come to your home, we personally handle negotiations for you, and we become part of your team and work directly with you right through the Closing and beyond. We want to earn your business for life.

What is a CMA or Comp?
A CMA is an acronym that stands for Comparative Market Analysis. We research home sales in your local area to determine the best possible price for your home and most importantly, have it priced right.

What is your commission for Listing (Selling) my property? What commission do you offer to the Buyer's agent?
We commonly charge a listing commission rate of 1.5%. That is about ½ of the average commission. Typically a Buyer's Agent's commission is 2.5- 3% but it is up to you, the Seller, to decide what you wish to offer to the Buyer's Agent. There is no fixed or set commission.

Will you actually show me properties that I may be interested in, like a traditional real estate agent?
You bet! We are Realtors® and enjoy all the privileges of working with our clients.

Can I make changes to my listing?
YES. You can make changes online, log on to My Account, and make your changes after reviewing the listing - there is no charge for corrections. You will be assigned a Listing Number and you can reference this number to agents to identify your listing. You can have several changes to your listing like price without any charges. You must fill out and sign the online Change Request form.

Can you show me properties other than the ones you are Listing (Selling)?
Sure! We can show you any property that is for sale, regardless of the Listing Agent or company. In fact to qualify for your buyer side commission rebate we must be the agent that shows you the home. So please don’t go to “Open houses”, “Builder Models”, etc. without us or you could void your buyer rebate.